Any other …

I was thinking (oh!! my God!!! That’s not a good thing!!!), that I like the way my life is turning right now perhaps ‘cause for my dearst friends who are there for me all time, asking me to go out and even complain when I’m gone.
It’s understandable, you see I consider them my family.
The girls are amazing, always helping me when I’m tottally gone insane, giving me the best advices ever, listening my silly ideas.
And also the boys are quite jealoussy of me, maybe because I gave to them a huge space in my life that any other can replace.
However one thing you, my cute friends, can be sure of my love for you.
It’s bigger than life.
Any other man in my life can changed!!!
Trust me.
You know that I’m totally loyal to my principals.
Thanks for everything!!!!!
I love y’all!!!
I’ve to say that i’m enjoying write in English.
I don’t know why.
Who knows if my Italian improve, maybe I’ll write it.

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