“If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends!”


And like this almost fifteen years ago some of my trully friendships began!

We all love Spice Girls – in fact we wanted to be bold as them!

So fearless!

And guess now?

Finally we are!

Amazing how you are still the best damn thing that happened to me in a very oppressive and bullying high school which to be someone you should be rich or at least pretend to be a bitch.

Some of ours’interess (oops… some? all we were interessed in) were boys – older boys, really – and relationships in general.

We had many bad, sad, crying’, break ups, laughs, parties, hugs… times along the way, however, as amazing it seems we still are the same friends we were and I still can share all my deep secrets with you ´cause I know how trully our friendship is and you´ll support me in eveything I try, even thought it´s very noticible the huge mistake I´ll do!

I told you that I´m really hard trying to change this and turn to be that same chick you are proud: the most wise girl who still mantains the grown up teenager ever!

Thank girls!

And one tip to my future boyfriend: If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends!

`Cause they will be the advisers that will approve you or not. If they whouldn´t approved you, sorry but you maybe in a very akward situation!

And sincerely do not tryreally  hard to please them, it means a really shooting yourself in the foot!

Be aware!


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